Special courses / seminars etc.:

Law Enforcement
Having trained and worked with officers of various departments, we would like to extend our support to all active, reserve and retired officers by offering a 'badge-discount' for regular training and seminars.

Initiated by former Recon Marine and Wing Tsun fighter Matt W. we would like to express our support by offering a special 'Semper Fi - discount'.
Of course this discount is also granted to all other branches of service.

Protective Services
Having worked as a protective agent for many years, Sifu Daniel offers special courses in this field.
(references upon inquiry)

Being recognized as an expert in the martial arts as well as his international police and military experience makes Sifu Daniel an interesting asset for a number of productions. Whether as an expert, advisor/consultant, trainer, choregraph or as a stuntman / special ability actor. Previous projects: Navy NCIS, JAG, American Dream

Corporate courses, executive and management seminars
Treat your staff to a fun and challenging day out of the office.
Let off some steam in a safe and supervised environment.
Give personnel 'the edge' and make them more competetive.
Decrease sick-leave by encouraging them to work out under supervision.
Learn combative strategies that can successfully be applied in todays business world.
Whether it's a field day or a full on seminar (theory and/or praxis) we have done it before and can do it for you.

Violence Prevention for High School students

Self Defense for Women
Intro to Wing Tsun / Escrima strategies for other martial arts practicioners
Special offer for Martial Arts School owners who are interested in putting on a seminar with Sifu Daniel.


sifudaniel@sbcglobal.net or call (559) 977 36 84

You will be invited to a free demonstration and a free training session.